BlueprintNYC has been producing customized video experiences for a variety of industries in a number of different styles. We are always looking for ways to push the boundaries within each category.

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Documentary-Style Interviews

Creating a documentary-style video can help ensure that the video experience is personally meaningful and emotionally relevant. Whether capturing an executive, the leadership team, a customer, a patient or all of the above, BlueprintNYC can plan and execute a documentary-style video that tells a specific and impactful story. BlueprintNYC has the creative and production capabilities to provide a turnkey experience. Planning, scripting, on-location or in-studio shooting, audio design and mixing, editing, and finishing are all in the BlueprintNYC wheelhouse. This type of video approach creates a similar experience to watching a really powerful documentary, providing information, emotional content and personal insights to deliver relevant messaging to the target audience. 

Stylized Concept Videos

When there is a very specific story to tell that can only be illustrated in specific environments and within particular contexts, a Stylized Concept Video is a smart and exciting solution. These videos leverage an array of production capabilities – sets, props, costumes, green-screen technology, specialized lighting, and sound packages. This approach is perfect for delivering new concepts and humorous content in a memorable and enduring way. BlueprintNYC can produce Stylized Concept Videos for large-scale and small-scale projects, while dazzling the target audience with high production value and video execution.

Animated Graphics

BlueprintNYC brings to the table the most cutting-edge and creative animators in the business. Graphic Animations can take a variety of forms and be created to fit almost any budget. These video experiences can be as simple or as elaborate depending on objectives and scope of the project. Pieces may be text-driven, incorporate voice-over, utilize photography or be purely motion graphics. Animated Graphics also encompass 3-D and virtual reality experiences. We can take this type of video in just about any direction and are always looking to incorporate the latest technological advances. All the tools are available to find the appropriate animated vehicle for the key messaging and objectives. 

Live Broadcast

This collaboration between our Video And Digital departments served live content to a national sales team. Learn more about this solution on our digital capabilities page.