Whether it’s live or virtual meetings, webcasts or consumer events, BlueprintNYC always strives to create kick-ass experiences for our clients. We keep our ears to the ground, follow what’s trending and push ourselves to go beyond what’s expected. We don’t just generate excitement – we actively seek to move audiences physically and emotionally. 

Spectacular      Elegant     Intimate

Leadership Meeting: An Opportunity for Spectacle


Can you ignite over 1,000 minds at once? To make this happen, BlueprintNYC took an innovative approach for our clients – putting a new twist on a classic Field Leadership Meeting. The result? A Leadership Summit where participants were submerged in a high-tech sophisticated atmosphere that showcased beautifully branded feature walls. Our carefully curated Leadership Summit agenda offered rousing Q&As and presenters, complete with our own, customized meeting app.

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Oncology Product Launch: Elegant and Moving


When BPNYC was awarded a product launch for an important entrant into the Oncology market, the client’s final caveat was “This is one of the most important launches in our history, but we have very little budget”.  Sound familiar?  Our response: “No problem”. Harnessing the power of the product , BlueprintNYC created an intimate environment, along with a compelling patient experience that brought our key philosophies to life…  Ensure your attendees are true participants, and Connect with them emotionally.  And we were able to do it all within their budget.

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National Sales Meeting: Intimate and Effective


Uniting and motivating a sales force is always important – but when you also need them to “raise the bar” and meet higher expectations – things can get tricky. BlueprintNYC was asked to produce an annual National Sales Meeting for a medical food provider to inspire participants while highlighting a key ingredient that was missing – a powerful connection to their patients. 

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