BLUEPRINT NYC's Storytelling Workshop

During this workshop, you’ll come to see how the skills of storytelling are applicable to selling. It’s about: 

Creating an awareness of how we communicate 

Speaking in an authentic, compelling, and emotionally honest way 

Knowing the elements of a good story and employing them effectively Ensuring you’re effectively shaping your story with a beginning, middle, and an end Navigating the story to ensure it remains specific, honest, and personal 

Engaging your listener because human beings, after all, are wired to want to hear a good story 

Employing both interactive and written exercises, this workshop may seem, at first, to be a departure from the traditional focus on products or messaging. However, companies have opted to view this workshop as part of an investment in their people, to help them become more effective communicators…and better sales people. 

Please fill out the form below for more information regarding the Storytelling workshop. The workshop content is customizable to accommodate different group sizes and timeframes as needed. 

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