From the very beginning, BlueprintNYC has been producing training and compelling adult learning programs for a variety of brands. Going beyond written content, we create environments that influence awareness and shift behavior. Through immersive workshops, innovative exercises, and rousing general sessions, our approach evokes positive and measurable changes that our clients have come to rely on year after year. 

Workshops       Exploratoriums       Virtual Training



Everyone learns through different methods.  Based on our enlightened view of how adults love to learn, but hate to be told, BlueprintNYC learning strategists create engaging hands-on workshops so that the full spectrum of learning styles are being addressed. Participants (not observers!) access the information auditorily, visually, and with hands-on activities. 

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It’s an ongoing challenge.  How do you take training and turn it on its head? To address this, BPNYC created the concept of the Exploratorium.  The Exploratorium is a training environment like no other.  Gone are the days of sitting at rounds of 10, role-playing in pairs and listening to the facilitator deliver 72 slides of content.  The Exploratorium is an App-driven, self-led immersive experience through learning.  And, it’s effective.

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Virtual Training


Advancing technology has unlocked a number of ways to hold meetings and training remotely, but haven’t we all felt the energy go out of the room when virtual training is mentioned? In-person, old fashioned face-to-face training is ripe with opportunities for interactivity and engagement, virtual training can be too! There are methods of conducting virtual training that don’t sacrifice the spirit, culture, engagement, or results that onsite training can offer.

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